M & L Medical Services Home Health & Hospice, Inc. accepts various methods of reimbursement and/or payment.

  • Medicare
  • Private Insurance
  • Private Pay
  • Medicaid

If you opt for Medicare reimbursement with Home Health Care, we require you to meet the following Medicare Admission Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in the Medicare Program
  • Homebound
  • Needing intermittent skilled nursing or therapeutic services
  • Requiring necessary and reasonable home health treatment of illness or injury
  • Able to reasonably expect that the medical, nursing treatment and social needs can be met by home health care at the candidate’s residence

Medicare is applicable for cases that involve:

  • Care of terminal or bedridden patients
  • Therapeutic exercise regiment for stroke patients
  • All aspects of diabetes care
  • Cast care
  • Prescribed / therapeutic diets
  • Colostomy care
  • Cane / Crutch walking
  • Equipment use

If you would like to make payment arrangements prior to starting with services, please give us a call at 972-228-8500. We have care coordinators standing by to assist you with your concerns and inquiries. We can also verify your insurance coverage for home health care or hospice care.